Upgrade Your Semi Truck Fleet For Better Fuel Efficiency Today

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Do you run any kind of trucking business that uses large semis to get the job done? If so, when is the last time you added a semi to your fleet? If it's been a long time, your current fleet might be missing out on some of the latest leaps forward in fuel efficiency for the trucking industry. Today, there are semis like the Cascadia Evolution and others that place great emphasis on providing drivers and trucking companies with better fuel economy than what was typically available in the past. Adding one or more of these types of semis to your fleet could benefit your company in a variety of different ways.

The Bigger Your Fleet, the Larger the Long-Term Savings

Every trucking company owner knows that maintaining a large fleet of trucks can be expensive. One of the most frequent costs will, of course, be to make sure that every semi remains fueled for its next journey. If you are currently using multiple semis with poor fuel efficiency, you are probably refueling more often and spending more money on gas than you would like. If you were to slowly transition your entire fleet to a line of semis with better fuel efficiency, your monthly savings on fuel costs would continue to grow.

The Less Fuel You Burn Through, the Lower Your Environmental Footprint

Many trucking companies today are also looking to reduce their environmental footprint. While there's only so much you can do if you must operate a fuel-powered vehicle, switching to semis that are more fuel-efficient means that you will burn through less fuel in the long run while traveling the same distance that you are now. Better fuel efficiency and fewer tank refills means you will emit fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere as you drive.

Fewer Stops for Re-Fueling Means Faster Arrivals

When your trucks get more miles per tank of gas, you won't have to stop as often to refuel on a long journey. This could cut down on your transit time and get your load to its destination faster.

If your current semi truck fleet is getting up there in years, you might be missing out on a number of technological advancements that could benefit your company in a variety of ways. Some of the latest semis have taken big leaps forward in fuel economy when compared with trucks of the past. Adding a Cascadia Evolution or a similar semi that makes fuel efficiency a priority to your fleet will pay off in the long run through savings on gas and fewer stops along your drivers' routes. Contact a local seller of semis today, such as Arrow Truck Sales, for more information.  


10 August 2020

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