Summer Heat And Your Tires: What You Need To Know


Most people are well aware of the fact that they need to pay special attention to their vehicle's tires during the wintertime. However, it is just as important to keep an eye on your times during the summertime as well. During the summer, you are more likely to go on road trips and long drives, which means you need to examine your tires more frequently. Here is a look at how the warmer temperatures can negatively impact your tires and what it can mean for you and your safety. 

How Does Summer Impact Your Tires?

As the temperatures get warmer during the summer, they will have a direct impact on the air pressure inside of your vehicle's tires. Hot air expands, and as a result, for each 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the outside temperature rises, there will be an increase of one pound of pressure inside the tires. It won't take long for your tires to become overinflated at a dangerous level.

For that reason, it is imperative that you keep a regular eye on your tires to ensure that they maintain the proper PSI, possibly by checking the tire pressure at each fuel fill-up. The appropriate tire PSI for your vehicle can be located in your vehicle's owner's manual or printed along the wheel's rim. In some cases, you can also find it printed along the inside of your vehicle's door jamb.

What Impact Does This Have on Your Safety?

Overinflated tires can be very dangerous, and it is not something to mess around with. If your tires are overinflated, it means that less of the surface area of the tire is making contact with the road, which leads to additional wear and tear on the tires. Over time, this leads to difficulty braking and steering.

In addition, the additional pressure inside the tires increases your risk of having a blowout. As the rubber of the tires rubs against the road, heat is generated at incredibly high temperatures.

When combined with the additional pressure inside the tire, this heat can result in weak spots and holes in the tread, increasing the risk of a blowout. By taking the steps necessary to maintain the appropriate PSI, you can keep peace of mind and remain safe while driving.

For more information on staying safe this summer with your tires or to get your tires checked out before a summer road trip, contact a tire shop near you.


5 June 2019

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