4 Paint Defects To Look For When Searching For Used Commercial Trucks

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Commercial truck drivers may travel more than 100,000 miles each year, delivering goods from place to place for individuals and businesses. Even without involvement in an accident, the exterior of the truck can start to show its age in the paint finish. Since your used commercial truck acts as a mobile billboard for your business, it is important to select a vehicle with the best paint job possible. If you do find an otherwise perfect truck on the lot, you may want to include a paint job in the purchase budget upon spotting any of the following problems.


Scratches in the paint range from light surface abrasions to deep gouges. The scratches may come from dirt and debris hitting the sides of the truck while it moves down the road. The briefest moment of accidental contact with a tool, key or other solid object will leave signs of a deep scratch through the clear coat and into the colorful paint. Even washing the truck with a sponge or rag with sand or other debris stuck in the fibers will leave the finish marred with scratches.  You can try to remove scratches from the finish using an orbital sander fitted with a lamb's wool pad. If you can still see the scratches after finishing the sanding process, plan to have the truck painted.

Deep Swirls

The paint finish should look smooth and even, with no sign of a grain pattern. Swirled areas in the paint are caused by washing or drying the paint surface with the wrong materials. The washing process requires the use of pure cotton wash mitts with dense, fluffy fibers. Using a pure leather chamois, instead of a terrycloth towel, for the drying process also prevents the development of swirls in the paint.  If you spot swirls in the finish of your ideal used truck, just know it's also possible to buff out this type of paint damage. Like scratches, if you cannot remove all of the swirls, it'll be time to have the truck painted.


Many trucking companies place their logos, driver names and contact information on the doors and fenders of their vehicles. If the vinyl features dark colors or stays in place for too long, it will leave a ghosting pattern of the prior information and sticker shape in the paint. Although you could cover the stained areas with your own vinyl pieces, you can help retain the vehicle's value by removing the ghosting. You can try to remove the vinyl remnants using a paint safe solvent or wet sanding pads. If you are unhappy with the results of the removal or cover-up, simply have the entire truck resprayed with a new paint color.


Most commercial trucks sit out in the elements at all times, whether in use or not. After all, with up to twenty trucks onsite, trucking companies very rarely have space on their lot for garage space for each vehicle. During time in the sun, rain, hail and snow, paint starts to fade from its original color. Unless the original truck owner had the clear coat replaced every few years, the layers of paint could even start to show the primer or bare metal lurking below. Since paint oxidation looks similar to faded pigments, try treating the surface with a clay bar to restore the finish. If that doesn't work, you may want to repaint.  

Finding The Perfect Finish

Inspect each vehicle from nose to tail with the above issues in mind. You can take a closer look by gazing down the side of the vehicle rather than looking straight on. Do not be afraid to point out the paint defects during negotiations to find the best price for that vehicle. Although all used commercial trucks go through an extensive inspection process, it is possible for the technicians to overlook finish imperfections. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look at commercial trucks for sale, and you'll be sure to get the best price for your purchase. 


8 April 2015

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